Message from the Auditor

I am Steve March, the County Auditor, I would like to welcome you to the Auditor's website, and thank you for your interest in our Office. We conduct performance audits and special studies that provide accountability to the public and improve Multnomah County programs, services, and operations. The Auditor's Office is staffed by eight auditing professionals with extensive auditing experience and knowledge of public-sector management systems and business practices. In conducting our audits, we follow the government auditing standards established by the U.S. Government Accountability Office which require a high level of independence, objectivity, sound professional judgment, independent review of audit evidence, and regular peer reviews.

The elected County Auditor answers directly to the citizens of Multnomah County and determines the programs and services to be audited. All of our reports are available to the public online at this web site or by contacting the Auditor's Office to request a copy. To assist us in deciding what should be audited, we talk to county officials and employees, and we also ask for input from the public. If there is an area that you think would benefit from an audit, please contact the County Auditor's office.

In October 2007, the Auditor's Office launched the Good Government Hotline, a tip line that allows the public and county employees to submit reports of suspected fraud, abuse of position, and misuse of county resources. The Good Government Hotline is operational 24 hours a day and offers internet or telephone access. Reporters can remain anonymous if they choose.

Audits & Reports in Progress

  • Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • Facilities Inventory Management
    • Facilities Inventory Management follow-up

Audit Schedule through December 2014


  • Countywide IT Governance and Operations
  • Community Services (DCHS)
  • Division of Assessment, Recording & Taxation
  • Animal Services
  • Sustainability, Program
  • Human Resources related (DCM, Etc); Wage & benefit costs; workforce
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Health Department (HD) Multiple options
  • Special Projects & Follow-up
  • Recommendations Report
  • JOINT GAO, State, City, County Auditor's Offices project
  • Mobile Devices, P-Cards;  Accounts Payable, Inmate Welfare progress
  • Ethics Survey, county-wide sample
  • Spot-check reviews:  Petty cash & related items; fuel usage
  • Large Contracts/Contracting for Services
  • Non-audit service:  Salary Commission report 2014
  • Peer Review, ALGA

Recent Reports