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Only currently available documents are published. New Plan Year documents typically become available near the beginning of the calendar year. When viewing published documents, please be sure to verify the Plan Year in the document.

The Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) also known as "Evidence of Coverage" (EOC) are documents that explain the benefits, coverage and out-of-pocket costs of the different Kaiser Permanente Dental and Medical plans available through Multnomah County. The first few pages of each booklet contain a brief summary of the plan. These documents pertain to the plans available to both active and retired employees as well as COBRA participants.

In addition, Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) documents are included for each medical plan.  These documents are designed to give a standard example of the covered services and costs associated with certain medical conditions and their treatment.  

If you are reviewing your plan information, please be sure to choose the document that corresponds to the plan you are enrolled in, as these documents are specific to the stated plan.  If you would like a printed copy of any of these documents, please contact the Employee Benefits Office at 503-988-3477 or employee.benefits@multco.us.

If you do not know your plan name, this information is reported on your Confirmation Statement sent to you by the Employee Benefits Office, or can be obtained from Kaiser Permanente at 503-813-2000 or by contacting the Employee Benefits Office at 503-988-3477 or employee.benefits@multco.us.



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Kaiser Plan Documents (please select carefully as some plans are specific to certain employee groups)

2014 EOC Documents

SBC - Uniform Glossary


SBC - Uniform Glossary (Spanish)

2013 EOC Documents

SBC - Uniform Glossary


SBC - Uniform Glossary (Spanish)