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Access to health care, like access to roads and electricity, is part of any community’s basic needs. For our most vulnerable residents, access is often limited.  As Oregon implements a new coordinated system for people on the Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid, Multnomah County works to provide care, prevent future issues and improve health outcomes for all residents.

News and Announcements

Final weeks to enroll in health insurance. Sign up at these upcoming Multnomah County application fairs.

March 31, 2014 is the deadline for people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Multnomah County will hold several application fairs to help you sign up  Cover Oregon qualified health plans. Assisters and Cover Oregon certified insurance agents will be at each event to help those applying.

Oregonlive reports: Multnomah County to get specialized mental health treatment for criminal offenders

The Oregonian's Maxine Bernstein reports that Health Share of Oregon has received nearly $500,000 in grant money to set up the Multnomah County's first specialized team of mental healht professionals dedicated to treating people with severe mental illnesses who have had frequent contact with police or frequent jail stays.

Apply for health insurance on Friday, Feb. 14, at the Health Department

People needing health insurance can get help with their application on Friday, Feb. 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. downtown. Assisters will be on the 10th floor of the McCoy Building, 426 S. W. Stark, to answer questions, provide information and apply for application assistance. Anyone needing interpreter requests is asked to call 503-988-2228 in advance. The fair is sponsored by the Multnomah County Health Department, the Oregon Health Authority, Cover Oregon and NAMI Oregon.

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Governor John Kitzhaber announces a $1.9 billion federal investment in Oregon health care transformation at a May 4 press conference in Portland.  

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Questions about health reform?

What is happening?

In January 2014, the Affordable Care Act requires almost everyone to have health insurance or face a penalty. If you already have insurance through your job, the military, because you're a veteran, or qualify for Medicare or the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid, nothing changes.

I don't have health inurance. What is changing for me? 

You may qualify for the Oregon Health Plan or for insurance that is more affordable. Starting in October, 2014, a family of four that earns about $32,500 a year will be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan. If you earn more than that, you can go to a new online marketplace to find coverage and whether you qualify for financial assistance. In Oregon, this online exchange is called Cover Oregon.


What is Cover Oregon?

Cover Oregon is the one door all Oregonians go through to sign up for the Oregon Health Plan or private health insurance. Cover Oregon is an online marketplace where you can look for, and compare plans, to find what'sbest for you. Cover Oregon has a customer service center, insurance agents and community partners across Multnomah County to help you with this process.

How do I find Cover Oregon?

Beginning Oct. 1, you can go online at or call 1-855-268-3767. Multnomah County can also help you sign up at our county health centers. Assisters are available to help.

What is covered in the health plans?

Every insurance plan offered in this marketplace is required to cover doctor visits, hospital stays, maternity care, mental health care, emergency room care, prescriptions, preventave care adn vision coverage for kids. Some plans cover alternative care. Dental coverage is also available.

I get SNAP (Suplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits) and received a letter in the mail

If you get SNAP and depending on your earnines, you can send it the form you received in the letter. You can also sign up at a Multnomah County Clinic or through Cover Oregon.

I'm on the Oregon Health Plan wait list and got a letter in the mail. What does it mean?

There will be no more wait list. You can use the letter to sign up for the Oregon Health Plan or private health insurance, or you can use the clinic or Cover Oregon.

I still can't afford health insurance and cannot get Medicaid or Medicare. Can I still go to the Multnomah County clinic?

Yes. Multnomah County will continue to treat clients who do not have insurance. We will provide your care even if you cannot pay.





You asked:

I am on the Oregon Health Plan. Will my medications still be covered? Can I still use the same pharmacy?  August 31, 2012

We answered: 

Benefits will not be changing. If a medication is currently covered, it should remain covered. Coordinated care organizations may have a different pharmacy benefit manager, which could require you to change pharmacies. [Read more]