Research and Evaluation on Multco Commons

By Erin McCarley, Director’s Office 

The phase out of the MINT offers an opportunity to review and refresh the research and evaluation information that we provide as a resource to the department. In the Director’s Office, we’ve created a Commons site that is chock full of data summaries, introductions to evaluation concepts, needs assessments and community reports, and links to resources and research articles. We’ve tried to include information that is appropriate for many different audiences- not just your usual data geeks.

Program folks who are writing grants, or trying to learn more about demographic characteristics of the county, will find helpful summaries of census data, and recently created maps and needs assessments. Questions like ‘what percentage of children live in poverty in Multnomah County?’ or ‘how many families are receiving SNAP?’ can be answered by consulting the Census Summaries subpage. A set of maps is included that geo-code various social and demographic characteristics of county residents- these illustrate the increase in poverty in mid and east county, as well as the increasing racial and ethnic diversity in east county, for example.

Check out the site by clicking here. If you have questions, or information you’d like to add, please contact Erin McCarley x25390.