Pre-adjudication, Treatment & Community Interface Services

Juvenile Treatment Services represents a continuum of mental health and alcohol and drug services available to meet the unique needs of youth and families involved in the criminal justice system, or at imminent risk of deeper involvement in the system, or at imminent risk of institutionalization.

The continuum of clinical services is uniquely matched to youth and families whose clinical needs are better met within the context of the juvenile justice system. The continuum allows high-risk youth to receive clinical services in a setting that does not give them access to vulnerable clients receiving services in other community-based clinical settings. The continuum allows for enhanced communication and coordination with the courts who refer or mandate youth to clinical services as part of their community supervision – enhancing treatment effectiveness.

Because part of the Department’s mission is to prevent youth from moving deeper into the criminal justice system and to enable them to successfully finish their community supervision, the Department has a vested interest in providing chemical dependency treatment on-site to the most difficult-to-serve clients. At the same time, because the Department values keeping youth out of the criminal justice system, whenever clinically and legally appropriate, DCJ staff refer youth to community-based services.

Juvenile Specialized Services include two probation teams that have a specialized focus on youth who are known to be high utilizers of intensive treatment services. These probation teams are multidisciplinary working with youth with multiple risk factors and complex needs.

The Department of Community Justice contributes one full-time Juvenile Justice Counselor to serve as a Facilitator for Wraparound Oregon, serving high-risk, multi-problem youth involved in multiple youth-serving systems. For more information on this initiative, visit the Wraparound Oregon website.


Deena Corso
Community Justice Manager