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Woman who fatally strangled hitman in 2006 grows anxious as ex-husband nears prison release date
The Oregonian 4-9-14
Susan Walters' life has changed drastically since the September 2006 evening she arrived home from work and -- in a desperate fight for her life -- was forced to strangle to death an intruder her husband hired to kill her.

"There are many things defense counsel can do to help ensure an innocent client is never charged."  
Juvenile Law Reader  Spring 2014
This edition of the Juvenile Law Reader contains an article written by Christina McMahon on the DCJ Title IVE project...

Steve Duin blog: A John Harlan afterword - refocus, reflect, re-engage
The Oregonian 3-31-14
As I interviewed a handful of the many people who loved John Harlan last week, several quotes gave me pause, one of which never made it into the Sunday column.

Steve Duin: John Harlan never stopped believing in possibility, hope and change
The Oregonian 3-28-14
It was a great Friday, Carmen Montano remembers, largely because John Harlan volunteered for the pepper spray...

Multnomah County probation officer John Harlan killed in motorcycle crash
The Oregonian 3-25-14
John Harlan, a Multnomah County probation officer, was killed in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 5 near Ridgefield during a Saturday night ride..

Multnomah County computer forensics examiner gathers evidence by the gigabyte
The Oregonian 3-18-14
Unlike most Multnomah County parole and probation officers, Christi Winters never meets the convicted criminals she monitors...

Multnomah County Secures Federal Funds to Keep Youth Offenders at Home
The Skanner 2-18-24
...Working with youth in their own homes has been shown to produce better long-term results than sending teens to correctional institutions, says Christina McMahan, assistant director of the county’s Department of Community Justice...

Multnomah County taps federal dollars for new juvenile justice program
The Oregonian 2-18-14
A new Multnomah County initiative to keep wayward kids with their families and out of jail could spur big changes to the youth corrections system statewide.
...The idea, said Christina McMahan, an assistant director in the county Department of Community Justice's juvenile services division, is that kids who are stay in their home environment have a better chance of avoiding repeat run-ins with the law than kids who are uprooted...

SaulPaul Visits the Northwest to Deliver Inspirational Message to Youth
The Skanner 2-12-14
...Wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with the words, Education Not Incarceration, he spoke to children and teens involved in the juvenile justice system at a special event in the Multnomah County boardroom, Feb. 5.

The next day he took the same message of hope and encouragement to youth in the Donald E. Long juvenile detention center...

Cooking For The Future
OPB 1-24-14
...Tonight’s chefs are part of Multnomah County’s Culinary Arts Youth Program, a yearlong class offered to youth ages 14 to 18 who’ve landed in the criminal justice system.

“They could be in foster care, or they’ve committed some crime, but they’re not currently incarcerated,” says Kim Pidcoke, culinary arts instructor. “This is an entirely voluntary program, so they are choosing to be here.”...

Special court for military veterans planned for Multnomah County
The Oregonian 1-18-14
Military veterans who commit nonviolent crimes in Multnomah County could soon get help through a special court to access alcohol, drug or mental health treatment and other counseling to keep them from reoffending...
Multnomah County Circuit Judge Julie E. Frantz and Ginger Martin, deputy director of the county's Department of Community Justice, have been leading a committee for more than a year to develop a program in Portland... 
...Until now, the county's Department of Community Justice hasn't asked offenders if they're military veterans. "Now we are asking those questions,'' Martin said. "We need to do the outreach to find and refer them to ... services.

"Time to Regroup
Portland's Finally Ready to Study Its Gang Problem

The Portland Mercury 1-8-14
...That effort, the most comprehensive in Portland's decades-old struggle with street gangs, might be long overdue.

"There's a lot of energy in our community around this issue," Christina McMahan, who oversees juvenile probation in the county, said at a recent meeting of the region's Local Public Safety Coordinating Council. "But sometimes, literally, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. We don't know how all the pieces of the puzzle come together."...

Volunteers keep Multnomah County, Ore. community justice running
The National Association of Counties Newsletter 12-16-13
For the department, which has almost 500 permanent employees, 140 volunteers are allowing staff members to do what only they have been trained to do, while getting a chance to contribute to the community or gain valuable experience.

“They provide supplemental experience and programming that we don’t have the resources or capacity to provide,” said Stephanie Bolson, the department’s volunteer and intern coordinator. “For example, our records techs and administrators are stretched pretty thin, so having additional support allows them to focus on their core functions.”

Haunted House
Willamette Week 11-13-13
A property in foreclosure attracts a trio of convicted felons—who just won’t leave...Dollard says he feels lucky he found a parole officer willing to help him when the lender and the city failed in their responsibilities...