Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services serves over 7000 women, infants and children each year. We provide home-visiting services that are responsive to the cultural needs of our clients. Our programs promote family bonding and parent-child attachment, improved pregnancy and birth outcomes, and the adoption of healthy behaviors during pregnancy and early life. With our support, new parents increase self-efficacy and are better able to provide safe, nurturing and stimulating environments for their children.

Components of our program include:

Nurse Family Partnership

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) is a best-practice, evidenced-based home-visiting service model for women and their families who are expecting their first child. Each mother is partnered with a registered nurse early in her pregnancy and receives ongoing home visits that continue through her child's second birthday.

Healthy Start/Welcome Baby

This program provides early identification of families who may need social, behavioral or clinical support during a child’s infancy and early stages of development, in order to prevent child maltreatment and ensure conditions in the home support healthy early-life development. Parents who qualify for Health Start receive in-home services from a community health worker or a public health nurse.

Healthy Birth Initiative (HBI)

The goal of HBI is to improve perinatal health outcomes of African American women and children living in Multnomah County. This program addresses two vital public health services: maternal-child health, and reducing health inequity related to low-birth weight and infant mortality. HBI services include home visits, health education and support groups. Services begin in early pregnancy and continue through the child's second year of life. The program addresses community-level factors that affect African American maternal and child health, including socioeconomic disparities in educational attainment, underemployment and housing.

Healthy Birth Initiative’s Community Consortium is open to current and former HBI clients, community members and organizations interested in reducing health inequities and improving the health and wellness of African American families.

CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) Program

A service for families with children from birth through age 4 who have (or are at risk of having) a chronic health condition or disability. CaCoon care coordination services are offered by public health nurses who are specially trained to care for children with special needs.