Hosting a Community Flu Clinic

If your organization serves uninsured adults, you may be able to apply to host an adult flu vaccination clinic.

Each year, the Health Department is able to order free influenza vaccine from the State of Oregon for people with no other access to flu shots. One way we get this vaccine to people who need it most is to partner with community organizations in Multnomah County that work with adults without health insurance.

Who this Program Serves

This supply of vaccine is for high-risk, uninsured adults.

Individuals on Oregon Health Plan, Medicare, CHIP, or any other form of insurance are not eligible for this vaccine. Those with insurance should get a seasonal flu shot from their regular medical provider.

Who Can Apply?

Any community-based, non-profit or any similar organization in Multnomah County that serves uninsured adults.

Children and the elderly are unlikely to be eligible due to existing insurance programs like CHIP and Medicare. However, we will consider your application if you serve a population of uninsured children or older adults not otherwise covered by insurance.

How We Partner with You

There are two ways:

  1. We supply your organization with flu vaccine and you use your own licensed medical staff to provide vaccinations.
  2. We provide the vaccine and help you organize a flu clinic, using supplies and licensed medical professionals from the Health Department’s Health Reserve Corps.

What to Expect

If you have your own medical providers, we will:

  • Help you identify staffing needs and organize your clinic
  • Provide the vaccine
  • Provide support to ensure you are able to properly store the vaccine

If you do not have your own medical staff, we will:

  • Organize staffing of your event with licensed medical professionals from our Health Reserve Corps Volunteers
  • Provide volunteer and staff liability coverage
  • Provide all the necessary forms and supplies (including vaccine)

What the Health Department Expects

  • You take the lead in planning your event, coordinating and communicating with us
  • All community outreach to get clients to come in for a flu shot is your responsibility
  • You provide logistical support, translation services (if needed) and appropriate facilities

If you have your own medical providers, you must also:

  • Ensure proper handling and storage of the vaccine (training and support will be provided)
  • Provide liability coverage for your providers
  • If your organization does not have its own medical providers, we will provide them for you

Application Process


When to Apply:

Because we order this vaccine months in advance (usually the winter before the next flu season), there is a narrow time period in which we’re able to accept applications.

Fall 2013–Winter 2014 Flu Season: We are longer accepting applications for the current flu season. Contact Melissa McKinney at or 503-988-8844 for ideas on other ways to provide flu immunizations to your clients.

Fall 2014–Winter 2015 Flu Season: The application period for next year's flu season is now closed. Check back in early September 2014 to apply for the 2015-2016 flu season.


Selection Criteria and Process:

This vaccine is offered to us by the State of Oregon with certain ordering, handling and tracking requirements. We also have limits on our capacity to support outreach clinics. We will prioritize and select organizations based on certain criteria. 

At the close of each application period, applications are reviewed and scored by the Communicable Disease Services staff at the Health Department. Applications are awarded up to 11 points total on the following criteria:

  • Applicant proposes to serve more than 25 clients at the event (1 point maximum)
  • Applicant has a history of an established relationship with the Health Department (1 point maximum)
  • Applicant proposes to serve a majority of clients from the risk groups named below (1/2 to 1 point for each group, 11 points maximum)


CDC Risk Groups:

1. Adults with known risk factors for serious complications from flu if they are not vaccinated. These are most often seen in:

  • Adults age 65 and older
  • Pregnant women
  • American Indians and Alaskan Natives
  • People who are morbidly obese
  • People with medical conditions including asthma, neurological conditions, chronic lung disease, heart disease; blood, kidney or metabolic disorders; diabetes or weakened immune systems (for example, from AIDS or cancer)

2. Adults who may not be aware they have any of the above existing risk factors due to barriers they experience accessing health care, including:

  • No regular medical provider
  • No regular transportation
  • Limited access to cash to pay for a flu shot
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Recently released from an institution (corrections, mental health or addictions treatment, etc.)
  • Undocumented immigrants


What Can Disqualify an Application

There are a few reasons we would have to automatically exclude applications, such as:

  • Applicant proposes a flu clinic outside the typical flu season (September to February) and can't change the date to fall within the typical flu season when vaccine is available.
  • Applicant can't assist with and adhere to Oregon vaccine storage and handling requirements.
  • Applicant can't provide sufficient outreach to communities to get people to the event.


When Will We Hear Back?

The top-scoring applications will be accepted based on the number of partners being accepted (varies each year). Applicants will be notified by February 28. Applications which are not accepted will be given feedback on what can be improved in future applications.


More Information

Contact Melissa McKinney, Community Liaison