Public Health Preparedness

The Health Department works continually to improve its capacity to respond to public health emergencies by enhancing its agency response, as well as its ability to work with partner agencies and elected officials.

Push Partner Registry

Push Partners provide a valuable service to their employees, employees’ families, clients, and the community.

In the event of a large-scale public health emergency, the Push Partner Registry supports organizations and large businesses willing to operate a private medication dispensing site for employees, their families and their clients (in the case of at-risk, or special needs, service providers). Private dispensing operations will be needed to:

  • Reach certain at-risk (or special needs) populations
  • Reduce the demand on public dispensing sites, and
  • Maintain emergency and critical services.

More Information:

Find out if a private dispensing site is right for your organization:


Contact Melissa McKinney, Multnomah County Health Department Community Liaison

Volunteer Emergency Registry

The Voluntary Emergency Registry is a list of persons who need help evacuating their home during an emergency, or who would be unable to evacuate without special notification from emergency response personnel.

The registry also includes people who would be unable to remain at home without assistance following a disaster. Information in this list will be provided to the Bureau of Emergency Communications (911) and other emergency response personnel from the City of Portland and Gresham and Multnomah County.

Health Reserve Corps

The Health Reserve Corps is a voluntary unit, made up of local licensed health care professionals, who will be called upon to assist in the response to large-scale heath or medical emergencies.