Lift span deck inspection on Morrison Bridge

Wednesday, 9/28/11 - 5:05 pm

Two of the six traffic lanes on the Morrison Bridge lift span are closed this month to allow Multnomah County to inspect the lift span deck.  The work zone is on the north side of the lift span.  Two traffic lanes remain open in each direction and all bridge ramps are open.

The fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) deck that was installed on the lift span in 2011 – 2012 has shown signs of premature wear.  Deck attachments for some panels have loosened.  County staff have monitored the deck surface regularly in recent months as a precaution.  The inspection will allow county crews to remove deck panels and inspect them for wear.  Degraded panels will be replaced with new panels. 

An engineering consultant is working with the county to analyze the worn FRP panels to determine the cause of the wear and the extent and method of repair needed.  The county is pursuing litigation related to the FRP fabrication and installation by other parties.

The county expects that information gained from the inspection will help define the extent and method of repairs needed for a long-term solution for the deck.

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