The time to test is now! Londer Learning Center launches “GED Closeout Campaign”

Tuesday, 3/5/13 - 1:25 pm

Anticipating major changes to the nation’s GED exam, Londer instructors have begun intensive work with students to keep them on track to finish their GED this year, and to recruit new students who may have tested in prison but not yet completed a GED. The Center’s GED program serves 650 adult students each year. All are ex-offenders and many have learning challenges.

Next year, GED Testing Service will usher in a new, more complex GED exam. The new GED, which will be more closely tied to college and work skills, mirrors the new economic reality in the United States. Adults without a GED or high school diploma remain unemployed longer and are less able to find skilled jobs that move them out of poverty.

The test changes impact every GED student. Students who do not finish the current GED exam will have to start all over in 2014 because their scores on the current test will expire.

Getting the word out about GED changes is critical, say Londer Learning Center staff. Rather than just tell students that the test is changing, the Center has launched a GED Close-Out Campaign. The Campaign includes intensive goal-setting and progress checks with students, increased class and tutor times, notifications to parole/probation officers, poster and flyers, and recruitment.

For students who took tests in prison or elsewhere years ago, the message is to enroll in classes now. “Math takes time to pass,” says Cheyenne Tuller, Londer’s GED Coordinator. “Many students have delayed finishing their GED because they are afraid of math.” A team of tutors and teachers are available for to assist even the most reluctant students, regardless of level.

The center plans to team with students to get the word out. “Students will play a huge role in motivating others to come in and finish their GED,” said Londer Manager Carole Scholl. “They have overcome addictions and past mistakes and are ready to move on. Telling their stories will help others.”
Stay tuned for student ‘s ad campaign!

For more information, contact Londer Learning Center at 503-988-3466.

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