What's new? Every School a SUN Community School

Tuesday, 12/7/10 - 3:47 pm

SUN Community Schools (CS) are the cornerstone of the broader SUN Service System. A SUN Community School is both an effective and efficient model for providing comprehensive services to meet students’ basic and academic needs, and an efficient mechanism for service delivery provided through an integrated institutional network The sponsors of the SUN Service System believe that, with any given amount of resources, better quality services can be made available to more children by using community school settings. A community effort has begun to work toward making “every school a SUN community school.”

The vision for Every School a SUN CS arose out of conversations among SUN partners about working toward better system integration and alignment. Having a SUN CS in every school in Multnomah County would provide a consistent and unified delivery system and model. Having different delivery systems across the County can be challenging for families, schools, and service providers. Community schools are a natural nexus for the delivery system since coordination is already in place and existing relationships with students and parents makes reaching them easy. This idea of a unified and consistent delivery system is about community development. It’s about uniting neighborhoods more effectively with our schools (SUN=Schools Uniting Neighborhoods).

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