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N.W. Thompson remains closed as landslide repairs studied

Friday, 1/28/11 - 4:47 pm

Mike Pullen, Public Affairs Office, 503-988-6804,

A short section of N.W. Thompson Road in the West Hills between N.W. Cornell Road and N.W. Skyline Blvd. remains closed due to a landslide that was discovered on January 25.  The slide is on the downhill side of the road and threatens to erode the shoulder and traffic lane. 

Engineers are investigating the geologic conditions that have caused the slide and studying possible repair options.  Movement of water beneath the roadway appears to be a factor in the slide.

MultnomahCountymaintains the road.  The County will select a repair method as soon as possible.  Until the slide is repaired, through traffic should detour to N.W. Cornell Road and N.W. Skyline Blvd.  Homes on N.W. Thompson Road can be accessed from N.W. Cornell and N.W. Skyline.