County Medical Examiner Retention Schedule (M2)

To contact the Medical Examiner, call them at (971) 673-8220.

If you have lost a friend or family member, and found this page looking for help or support, please contact the Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver at 503-940-7997 (Portland) or 360-690-9047 (Vancouver). 

Medical Examiner Investigative Case Reports (M2-001): Series documents investigations into deaths by the county medical examiner, coroner, or other designated official. Series contains records on any deceased person that requires medical examiner involvement. Records include the autopsy report and the medical examiners report. Records may also include other data that is considered significant as to the manner of death such as a police report, family interview, personal identification, and disposition of unclaimed funds.
Retention: (a) Pre-1965 Coroner's Reports: Permanent (b) Post-1965 case files: 25 years (c) No case file developed: 5 years (OAR 166-150-0065(17))