Multnomah County Snow And Ice Plan

Under all circumstances our major routes are patrolled routinely and treated for snow and ice as necessary to keep them open to the best of our ability. Transportation crews try to provide the safest travel possible and if necessary we work around the clock.

Interactive Snow Route Map

Printable snow route maps (pdf):

West Hills | West of the Sandy | East of the Sandy

Other resources for winter travel:

What can you do to help?

Snow and ice can be a disruption to everyday travel and be very frustrating to everyone. Here is how you can help during snow and ice events:

  • Use public transit when possible.
  • As snow plowing operations begin, a snow berm develops at the road edge. It is impossible to plow snow without leaving a berm. Individual property owners are responsible for clearing snow from driveways and entrances.
  • Pile snow where it can be absorbed into the ground, not on the road or public right of way.
  • Carry and use tire chains.  Dry fit them before use.
  • Drive slowly and allow extra distance from other vehicles to stop safely on ice and snow.
  • Essential equipment for the public is a snow shovel, tire chains, and de-icing granules (available at home improvement stores)
  • Monitor weather forecasts and only travel when necessary and when properly prepared to do so.
  • If weather conditions and visibility are getting worse look for an opportunity to pull off the road in a safe parking area and wait for conditions to improve. Vehicles left in the road create a safety hazard and are subject to towing at owner expense.

Our Fleet:

We have a fleet of 10 dump trucks with snow plows, 10 pick-up trucks with plows, 4 front end loaders, 2 road graders, and 2 incident response trucks with road closure capability.

We maintain 300 center line miles of County roads and 50 center line miles of arterial roads in the City of Gresham.