Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Services

Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs (ATOD) services provide alcohol and drug screening, assessment, referral and limited treatment to SUN Service System (SUN) participating or are in school to children 12-17 and their families.
ATOD provides:

  • Drug and Alcohol screening
  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Limited Treatment

ATOD services are 75% screening, assessment, linkage, referral and prevention. 25% of services are level one treatment.
Our goal is to:

  • Identify youth with substance abuse issues
  • Link youth to treatment services
  • Provide outpatient treatment for identified youth
  • Educate youth about the risks of ATOD use

Screening is a review of drug and alcohol use to determine behaviors and patterns that might need more assessment

Assessment a more in depth interview with the  youth and his/her family about drug and alcohol use. This results in a rapid referral and connection to treatment by this or another treatment provider. The program leverages 3rd party insurance for youth who have insurance.

Direct treatment is when a youth does not have any other resources

Prevention and Outreach is skill building groups-teaching refusal skills, for example: groups for at rick youth for substance abuse (children from drug -affected families etc.)

For more information on ATOD services, call Lifeworks NW at (503) 234-3400

For further information please contact:

Patty Doyle
(503) 988-6295 x24418