Effects of Hunger

Hunger and low food security can have negative consequences for children and their families in SUN Community Schools (SUN CS) and their neighborhoods.

10 year longitudinal study from the University of Calgary found that:

  • Short-term or intermittent exposure to hunger leads to poorer overall health for children
  • Chronic exposure was associated with higher rates of chronic illnesses and asthma

Other negative effects associated with hunger and low food security include:

Health Related Effects of Hunger

  • Lower birth weights
  • Increased obesity
  • Decreased or delayed cognitive ability
  • Higher rates of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression (both parents and their children)

Educational Effects of Hunger

  • Lower test scores
  • Increased behavioral problems

Socioeconomic Effects of Hunger

  • Higher rates of homelessness
  • Reduced economic opportunities

SUN CS Hunger Relief Efforts

SUN Service System (SUN) partners and agencies collaborate to ease the effects of hunger by providing a variety of hunger relief services and nutritional supports in SUN CS. These services help enhance other vital services and initiatives delivered by SUN.

Hunger Resources and Information