SUN Community Schools

SUN Community Schools in Multnomah County are full-service neighborhood hubs where the school and partners from across the community come together to make sure kids and families have what they need to be successful - in school and in life.

SUN Community Schools mobilize and strategically organize community resources to provide:

  • Strong core instructional program
  • Educational support and skill development for youth and adults
  • Enrichment and recreation activities
  • Family involvement and support
  • Social, health and mental health resources
  • Family and community events

At SUN Community Schools, the collective efforts of youth, parents, businesses, faith communities, libraries, and community organizations create a network of supports that ensure academic success, family self-sufficiency, and economic prosperity. SUN Community Schools are open to all ages, preschool to seniors, with a focus on students in the immediate school community.

SUN Community Schools are the school-based service delivery sites for the SUN Service System, a broader system of community-based care and support for children and their families. There are currently 70 SUN Community Schools in 6 school districts across Multnomah County. This includes  40 elementary, 15 middle, 17 K-8, and 8 high schools. 

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