SUN Hunger Relief

The SUN Service System sees hunger relief as vital to support other services and initiatives provided for the educational success and self-sufficiency of children and families in SUN Community Schools (SUN CS).

Why Hunger Relief?

What are SUN's Hunger Relief Efforts?

SUN CS community partners and agencies collaborate to ease the effects of hunger by providing children and families access to quality nutritious food through a variety of efforts. These include:

Child and Family Hunger Relief Project

The Child and Family Hunger Relief Project helps stabilize children and families who may be experiencing hunger by increasing their access to quality nutritious food. 

Child Nutrition Programs

SUN partner school districts implement several United States Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs including the National School Lunch Program, the Summer Food Service Program and the Afterschool Meals and Snacks Program.

Other School-Based Hunger Relief Efforts / Partnerships

These include backpack programs, smaller scale in school food pantries, gleaning efforts, school gardens and holiday food drives among other things. Partners for these efforts include: