DCHS Community Services

The mission of the Community Services Division (CSD) is to help people get the services they need to fight poverty and increase academic success. The three main services CSD provides are energy assistance, homelessness and housing, and anti-poverty/prosperity.

A variety of services and supports addressing a range of prevention, intervention, and treatment are made available to the more than 55,000 households in the community that meet federal poverty guidelines. Community services are provided by non-profit social service organizations, direct county services, and community initiatives. 

Core services within the Division:

These services provide a full range of services are available, including housing, energy assistance, weatherization for homes, gang services, homeless youth and family programs, employment, and many more. Most of our services are contracted out and provided through community agencies. If you need assistance, please phone 211, our community's health and human services information line.

The Community Services Division is appointed Community Action Agency (CAO) for Multnomah County. There are 18 CAO's located throughout Oregon. We provide a united vision to improve communities by making them more livable for all residents.